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Patient Info

Pricing and New Patient Forms

Pricing* starting March 1st, 2024

New patient specials:

  • Option 1: $150 - Exam, two chiropractic adjustments and one hour massage

  • Option 2: $100 - Exam and two chiropractic adjustments

- Follow up Visits: $55 - $75

- 1 hour massage therapy: $90

- 30 minute massage therapy: $65

- Therapy only: $40

*The only insurance that we accept is Traditional Medicare - part B

*We are currently out-of-network with all insurances except Traditional Medicare

(Some insurance directories may still show us as in-network)

New Patient Info

What you can expect
New Patient Forms
New Patient form

For our chiropractic care new patients you can expect the first office visit will last about 45 min to one hour.

This will consist of a careful evaluation of the patient's case and history to come with an individualize care plan.


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